Logan Paul says he wants to go into MMA fighting ahead of KSI match

Logan Paul

Brother Jake suggests a match with Conor McGregor

Just weeks before his fight with British YouTuber KSI, Logan Paul is saying he wants to join UFC to become an MMA fighter.

Logan has been training with the Merriweather camp to prep for the August 25 fight in the U.K. and told TMZ  "I want to fight a UFC fighter … I've wrestled my whole life."

Who is his pick to fight? CM Punk. The fighter, whose real name is Philip Jack Brooks is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion who moved to MMA in 2014.

However, Logan's brother Jake has set the bar higher and has tossed Conor McGregor's name in the mix. McGregor made headlines for his fight against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. The Irish fighter has a plethora of accolades including International Fighter of the Year and Severe MMA Fighter of the Year.

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Before Logan can step into a pro ring, he first has to beat KSI, who sees the bout with the U.S. YouTuber as his own stepping stone to professional boxing.

One thing for sure, if the controversial creator does make it to the ring, there will be a lineup of fighters looking to take him down.

Do you think Logan Paul has a future in UFC fighting? Tell us below!

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