LeBron James' 'The Shop' cut in on daily social issues

LeBron James, The Shop, social issues

The Shop is one of the many new projects that LeBron James has put his face on.

And in the premiere episode of The Shop on HBO, the NBA superstar rallied together a collection of personalities, businessmen, athletes and entertainers under the concentrated theme of a barbershop.

Growing up in a barbershop, there’s this constant realness, argument and laughter that comes in each visit. And this show is a more glamorized version of that.

It’s a room full of millionaires, drinking wine, grabbing a quick fade while they discuss real-life issues in their lives and how it's impacted by everything around them.

Much of the focus of the show has to do with interpersonal stories based on each individual’s upbringing. For example, LeBron telling the story of how he was wired at an early age to not socialize with white people until he reached the 9th grade.

LeBron also chimed in on growing up, fatherhood, being a voice and the social issues that currently fixate on American culture.

But others like rap legend Snoop Dogg and Pro Bowl Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett had a dialogue about the classic N-word debate and the merits of its use—with comedian Jon Stewart observing as the token white guy in the room.

There also was plenty of teaching moments and areas of focus that stood out.

Like when WNBA star Candace Parker had a moment with LeBron as he talked about how he teaches his daughter to never say the words “I Can’t” and how powerful it is for men to teach their daughters this concept.

The athletes chimed in on how fandom impacts their daily lives--New York Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. lamented feeling like a “zoo animal” at times.

The premiere episode of The Shop had people giving their opinions on the topics discussed and how they conversed amongst each other.

But this show definitely provides an extended platform to discuss real-life issues, coming from some of the greatest entertainers underneath the umbrella of a popular concept.

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