'Jump Force' unveils new characters in trailer

Jump Force, unveils, characters, trailer

Jump Force is one of the most highly anticipated video games of the 2019 calendar with the most famous Manga heroes dropped into an ultimate battleground fight for humanity.

And Jump Force continues to tease anime fans and gamers alike with the unveiling of upcoming characters for the game via their action-packed trailers — and the latest one didn’t disappoint.

In the latest trailer, released by Bandai Namco, an all-star class of Gon, Hisoka, Vegeta, Blackbeard, Rukia and Ichigo was deadlocked in battle, featuring all of their signature moves.

The ultimate gaming crossover just got a little bit more ultimate with new heroes and villains on the scene.

It seemed as though Gon from Hunter X Hunter and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z had fans very excited, especially Vegeta unleashing his Final Flash attack.

The character list has now reached 15 different heroes and villains that will be featured in the game. And the expectation is that this list will grow as the time inches closer to the reveal of the game in 2019.

The demo for Jump Force is set for August 25 and it will run until August 29.

Are you excited to play Jump Force? Comment below.

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