J. Cole working on 'The Off-Season' and 'The Fall Off'

J. Cole, working, The Off-Season, The Fall Off

J. Cole blazed the internet this week when he released the “Album of the Year” freestyle right before his KOD tour.

The track itself is two minutes and some change of J. Cole rapping over the instrumental of  Nas’ 2001 single “Oochie Wally.”

Cole exercises a lyrical jab at the crime rate in its relationship to minorities, address the rap game as the answer key to its problems and he uses Kappa Alpha PSI in a clever bar to explain the Opioid epidemic.

“My mind state feel like crime in the summertime/ Higher than average.”

“It’s absolutely imperative that my heat speak to rappers/ The problem with this game is this weak sea of rappers/ I’m the answer on the low, I’m a cheat sheet for rappers.”

His awareness was astute as usual, clearly revealed in how relevant his lyrics are in relationship to today’s current climate in society.

But this wasn’t the only thing that got fans hyped on Tuesday. At the beginning of the tracks' WordStar Hip-Hop video, the title reads, “What you are about to witness is a master class in preparation. THE OFF-SEASON.”

Then, in the title card at the bottom of the video, it states, “The Off-Season coming soon… All roads lead to The Fall Off – Cole.”

That statement confirmed what many believed, which was that Cole will be releasing “The Off-Season” mixtape before his next album, “The Fall Off.”

Are you excited about Cole's new single and the two new project upcoming? Comment below.

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