International Left Hander’s Day - 10 celebrities you may not know are left-handed

Today is International Left Hander’s Day!

Left-handed people make up only about 10-30 percent of the population, but we think everyone knows at least one lefthander. There certainly is no lack of them in the entertainment world.

Is there really any difference between lefties and righties? According to The Mirror, it’s possible. For example, according to studies, left-handed college graduates make 13 percent more than those that are right-handed.

Also, leaders throughout history have often been left-handed. Unfortunately, studies also show that lefties are at a higher risk of alcoholism and psychosis, and they live around nine years less than right-handers. But who’s to say if these studies are right?

left hander's day

One thing that certainly seems to be true is that lefties often go into careers in art, music, or culture. Just look at all the famous lefties in the world!

Click next for our list of celebrities you may not have known are left-handed.

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