Hulu renews 'Castle Rock' for season two

Castle Rock

If you haven’t started watching Hulu’s Castle Rock yet, it’s time to drop whatever you’re doing and get on that. It’s honestly that good.

Now, the streaming company has announced they’re renewing Castle Rock for a second season, meaning all of us fans can delight in knowing there will be more Stephen King goodness coming our way.

Hulu Senior Vice President and Head of Content Craig Erwich has told Variety that Castle Rock will be an anthology drama, with a “wholly original” story during its second season.

“It was a deeply original idea from two of the world’s greatest storytellers, and it was centered around something that’s been beloved and familiar to many of Stephen King’s legion of fans, which is the town of Castle Rock,” he said in a statement. “So expectations were high to begin with, but it exceeded them. The reaction from the variety of audiences has been overwhelming and it seems to be one of the most talked about shows of the summer.”

The first season of Castle Rock started on July 25 and is now five episodes into its ten-episode run.

The idea of Castle Rock being an anthology series is something I never considered — given the stakes and weight of everything happening in the show now, I just assumed this was going to carry over into further storylines — but actually makes a lot of sense.

“Quite frankly it’s less about a strategy around anthologies and more about, that’s what this story demanded to be,” Erwich said. “The beauty of Hulu is that we’re not tied to any kind of shape or form. The creative can live in its best version, and the best version of Castle Rock was this.”

Castle Rock
credit: YouTube

So, if you’re favorite Stephen King characters haven’t shown up yet in Castle Rock (I want Danny Torrence to make an appearance, as I was 100% convinced he was Bill Skarsgard’s nameless character during the first three episodes, while now I’m not so sure), there’s still the chance you could see them show up in future seasons. Thank heavens for that.

Are you watching Castle Rock? What do you think of the show? Are you going to tune into the second season? Let us know in the comments below!

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