Gigi Gorgeous opens up about transgender pregnancy in heartbreaking video

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"It's not even a possibility to get pregnant."

Gigi Gorgeous is opening up about one of the most personal and for some, the most painful aspect of being a woman - the ability to give birth to a child.

Gigi is a transgender woman and is not genetically able to carry a child. In fact, she hasn't had gender confirmation surgery, something she clarifies in the video.

Recently engaged to Nats Getty, they are talking marriage and babies.

“Childbirth and being pregnant is something that I’ve always wanted. I feel like you feel the most feminine, you look the most feminine. Your baby is yours, it has your DNA. … It’s everything that I want and it’s everything that I want for my relationship with Nats.”

They have been struggling trying on their own and she had been working up to sharing her feelings about not being able to be pregnant when she watched a video from another woman who was having fertility issues of her own. It was then Gigi decided she had to address her feelings as a transgender woman.

“I’m hoping that talking about it and getting it off my chest and sharing it with you guys will give me the strength to go back and see where I’m at in my transition to go through with this and to freeze [sperm],” she says. “I’m gonna end up doing it because I feel like I face everything in my life that scares me.”

She says not being able to carry a child makes her feel inferior to other women, "It's such a discouraging feeling."

Gigi continues, sharing that she and Nats decided to have their sperm and eggs frozen, went to see a fertility specialist, who was totally oblivious. Listening to Gigi retell how things went down in the office, the doctor had no concept of the emotions welling in the couple. The doctor went so far as to say that donating sperm was the easy part. Again, totally not aware she was dealing with a transgender woman and not getting how what she was saying was actually really demeaning.

Let's just say now, Gigi, you need to see a different specialist. No doctor, especially one focused on caring for couples, should make a patient feel less than in any way.

Gigi wraps up her video saying she is aware even without being able to get pregnant that she will have a family.

“I know because I can’t give birth … I know that means that I still can have a family. I know adoption is an option.”

Thank you, Gigi, for sharing such a special and emotional part of your journey. Any child who calls you Mom will be blessed.

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