'Fortnite' is officially available on Android

Fortnite, officially, on, Android

Fortnite has been slowly but surely expanding its game on all platforms and devices of the past year.

And Thursday, Fortnite has officially made the expansion to Android for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Yes, the Android Beta has officially been released to its users, which was announced by Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder, at the Unpacked 2018 event.

The Epic Games website officially released a list of devices that the game will be compatible with.


Another new wrinkle that will be added to the beta is unique skins that will be exclusive to Android. If you play on a Samsung Galaxy 9 or a Galaxy Tab S4, then you can get access to the Galaxy outfit. This item will appear as a free item for you to claim in the store.

The game is still working on the bug fixes for users with HTC, Lenovo and the Sony: Xperia. Until that's fixed, the game won't be available on those devices.

Are you excited about the Android Beta for Fortnite? Comment below. 

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