'Fortnite' focusing on 'robust competition system'

Fortnite, focusing, robust competition system

Fortnite has grown leaps and bounds over the last year when it comes to competitive play.

And following the launch of Fortnite’s most recent patch, Epic has stated that they are already working on a “robust competition system” that will be expected in the Fall.

Epic has seen a tremendous response to the recent attempts at seasonal competitive play with the weekly Summer Skirmish and the Showdown LTM.

Both of these allotments focused on showcasing the best that the game can offer in terms of skill and gaming entertainment. The Epic team also said they expect to make additional improvements to Live Spectating like the ones used in the E3 Pro-Am.

The spectating POV is an essential point to making competitive play even better ahead of Fortnite’s World Cup next year and the future of competitive play for the game and its gaming fans.

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