'Cloak & Dagger' season one finale: 'Colony Collapse'

Marvel, Cloak & Dagger

On the season one finale of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Tandy and Tyrone work together as the divine pairing to save New Orleans.

Previously on Cloak & Dagger, Tyrone was framed for Fuchs murder and had to run from the cops. Tandy used her powers to steal other people’s hopes. When Tandy got home, she found a contract killer holding her mother hostage.

“Colony Collapse” opens on Auntie Chantelle telling stories of the divine pairings throughout New Orleans history. She talks about a tribe of Native Americans and a young girl who had the mark and sacrificed herself for her people. Evita places the dolls of Tyrone and Tandy on the mantle.

Tandy walks into the room where the hitwoman is holding her mother. Tandy says she will give the woman the proof of Roxxon’s misdeeds if she leaves them alone. She threatens the hitwoman and Melissa breaks free. Tandy and the hitwoman fight and the woman runs away after Melissa gets the gun. Tandy tries to call Mina but gets her voicemail. She’s worried the hitwoman went after Mina and Ivan. She tells Melissa to go somewhere safe and says she has to go help her friends.

Marvel, Cloak & Dagger
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Tyrone goes to where the Red Hawk’s are getting ready for the parade to look for his cloak. His father Otis finds him and tells him to run as far away as possible. He tells Tyrone not to contact them even via postcard. The cops arrive and Tyrone fades into the shadows.

Tandy gets to Mina’s and is attacked by one of the men who turned bloodthirsty because of the explosion in the previous episode. She hears the other man trying to attack Mina in her house and knocks the man out. Tandy explains what happened on the rig all those years ago. She says the people turned into bloodthirsty creatures that Ivan named “Terrors.” Mina tells her there are nine more valves around the city and they could all blow. They decide to go to Roxxon to find a way to shut them all down.

Tyrone uses the colorful Mardi Gras parade for cover. He sees a cop and hears them call for backup. He tries to disappear into the crowd and almost runs into O’Reilly’s car. She tells him to get in, but then cops surround him and he freezes. She mentions disappearing, but with the number of onlookers and cops, he can’t reveal his power.

Cloak & Dagger, Marvel
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Auntie Chantelle continues her tales of the divine pairings by talking about two brother’s dueling during a storm. The brother who died emptied his gun of bullets, deciding to die to end the feud. Evita tells Chantelle she found Tyrone’s other half. Chantelle tells her they need to think about the history of the divine pairings to see what’s going to happen this time.

O’Reilly and Tyrone are pushed through the police station and a cop puts Tyrone’s cloak in a drawer. They’re held in the evidence room and O’Reilly says that means the cops are making sure there’s no paper trail of them being held. They try to reason with Officer Lafayette, the cop on guard. Tyrone appeals to his sense of honor and family, but just as the guy looks like he might let them go, another cop comes in saying Connors just arrived. Lafayette leaves and the two realize their best chance at freedom just left.

Tandy tries to convince Mina that they can save everyone and make a difference. The two reach Roxxon and wait for Scarborough in an elevator. They confront him about the Terrors and the explosions. Scarborough admits he continued to dig for the energy source because he wants to be powerful. Mina’s disgusted and punches him in the face. He reveals they already tried to shut the valves down at headquarters, but it didn’t work; they’ll have to go to the site to shut down the core. Tandy touches him and goes into his hopes. Tandy tells him if he really wants to be a god, he just needs to go through a door. Although the scene doesn’t show what’s behind the door, the sound of klaxons hints it may be the neverending rig explosion where Ivan was trapped for years.

Connors finally comes to see Tyrone and O’Reilly and explains how they’re going to die. O’Reilly says the Chief won’t let this happen, but Connors says she’s busy with Mardi Gras and won’t notice. Tyrone and O’Reilly are led through the station, but then a Terror rushes in and starts vandalizing a desk. A cop touches the Terror and turns into a Terror as well and the station is thrown into chaos.

Auntie Chantelle tells of another divine pairing in which a man died before getting news of a peace treaty to his army. A young woman took the letter and delivered it so no other people died. Evita asks what they can do to help, and Auntie Chantelle says they can tell Tyrone and Tandy of their destiny.

Mina and Tandy get attacked by Scarborough's hitwoman. They run away, but then a woman is attacked by the Terrors. Tandy and Mina manage to lock themselves in a warehouse, but one of the Terrors touched Mina. Tandy looks around for her friend and realizes what happened.

With the police station in chaos, Tyrone asks Lafayette where his cloak was stored. The cop tells him and holds off the Terrors. O’Reilly and Tyrone find the cloak and O’Reilly frees his hands. O’Reilly tells him to leave, but Tyrone says this is his fight as well. They tell each other to be safe and Tyrone disappears. Tyrone saves Lafayette from a Terror and tells him to lock the door after he gets all the Terrors inside. The Terrors attack Tyrone and rip his cloak. Tyrone transports to Tandy and appears just in time to tase Mina before she attacks Tandy.

Auntie Chantelle talks about another divine pairing featuring a doctor and his male lover during a plague. The man treated his love but ended up dying. The day he died, his love and the other patients were healed.

Cloak & Dagger
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Tyrone laments his torn cloak while Tandy struggles to decide what to do since Mina is now a Terror. Evita appears and tells them about their destiny as the divine pairing. Tyrone wants Evita to go somewhere safe and the two say their goodbyes. Evita sees the wound on his arm and knows it means he’s the one fated to die, but she doesn’t say anything. Tyrone struggles with their destiny and doesn’t know if he can save the city without his cloak. Tandy tells him he doesn’t need the cloak to be a hero, but she has one for him if he wants. She hands him the hoodie he was wearing when he saved her on the day of the rig explosion.

Tandy and Tyrone run through the city, on their way to shut down the core. They run into a lot of Terrors, but O’Reilly helps save them by shooting some from a rooftop. A bit later, she is shot by Connors multiple times. He shoots O’Reilly again as she touches one the Roxxon valves and he kicks her into the water.

Connors catches up with Tandy and Tyrone and threatens Tandy. The two teens use their powers and surprise the corrupt cop. Tyrone says he won’t let Connors have any power over him anymore. Tyrone takes Connors to the top of the roof and threatens him, but ultimately doesn’t push him off. When Connors pulls the gun on him again, Tyrone’s shadow pulls the man into the shadows and Connors disappears.

Tyrone appears back in front of Tandy and the two talk. Tyrone says he understands now why he has his powers. He thinks he’s the one who should die because he can get to the core first. Tandy tries to argue with him, but he disappears. Tyrone tries to shut down the core and a small explosion occurs. Tandy breaks into the room and tells him if he dies, she dies. A mark appears on her arm too and Tyrone accepts her choice. The two reach out to each other to use their powers together. They hold on to each other and use their powers to combat against the Roxxon energy. The two teens end up lying on their backs, staring at the now clear sky and are still holding hands.

The next couple of scenes go around the city in the aftermath. Evita places the dolls of Tandy and Tyrone in a drawer as the television talks about the strange events of the day. The hitwoman finds an unresponsive Scarborough in the elevator.

Tyrone’s family talks to the police at their house and Adina hears a noise. She goes to Tyrone’s room and finds his dresser drawers open.

Marvel, Cloak & Dagger
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Tandy goes home to her mother and brings her the day’s newspaper which announces Roxxon is responsible for the Terrors. Meanwhile, Tyrone uses Tandy’s church as his new home. He puts up a picture of his family and lays down a sleeping bag. Tandy brings him some supplies and the two chat for a minute.

The season ends with O’Reilly crawling out of the water. Her eyes are strange and she moves with an unnatural speed.

This episode had a lot of different story lines to deal with and I think it did a fairly good job of wrapping up the first season of Cloak & Dagger. I was a little sad we didn’t get a Mina scene at the end, or a scene with Evita and Tyrone. Cloak & Dagger was recently renewed for a second season. I’m looking forward to seeing the main characters take on new challenges, and hopefully seeing the side characters get some more screen time in season two.

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