Clayne Crawford admits he snapped on the set of 'Lethal Weapon'

Clayne Crawford, Lethal Weapon

Sounds like he had a great reason too

Clayne Crawford is coming forward about the actions that got him fired from hit show Lethal Weapon.

Back in May, Warner Brothers chose not to re-up Crawford's contract on his role as Riggs, the hot-headed cop that towed the line between life and death pretty much every episode. As we reported, he found out via social media an hour before the season finale.

Fans were left wondering what really happened. Finally, has Crawford opened up about what went down on the .

First and foremost, he clarifies that Warner Bros never called to inform him that he wasn't going to have his contract renewed. Never.

He was advised to apologize to Damon Wayans publicly to save his job. His gut instinct also said that it wouldn't help, but help Warner Bros. substantiate his firing.

His story also includes some blackmail. He had an argument with an assistant director, it was on tape, and any problems he complained about were brushed under the table with the threat his career would be ruined.

Crawford says the report in Variety was a lie. He did not yell at children. It was Episode 5, Season 2, the set wasn't quiet and they had been shooting 3 pages for 8 hours. The actor he was working with was holding a gun to his head as Riggs tried to talk him down from suicide and no one had fixed the sound issues. Clayne admits he lost it.

There were other issues, including not having a safe working environment that added to the troubles. Even from the start, Crawford had complained about safety issues on set.

The issues went unaddressed.

However, when it was Wayans that got hurt he took to Twitter and lambasted Crawford over what appears to be a scratch.

The stars had words in person as well, Crawford getting on tape again calling Wayans a pussy. It just so happens that it was the very same episode, episode 20, Clayne's first time directing, the one he was fired before. Wayans apparently refused to hold a gun, run, do any stunts because he didn't feel safe.

Crawford also claims Wayans had no interest in the show, didn't come to readings, cut out whenever there was a slight issue, which added to the tensions on set.

For season 3, Crawford has been replaced by American Pie's Seann William Scott, as a new partner for Murtaugh.

Now it's just a matter of whether anyone tuned in to Lethal Weapon for Damon Wayans, or if the show's star was actually Clayne Crawford.

Personally, I am not watching the show anymore without Clayne.

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