'Child's Play' remake changes Chucky's Origin

Child's Play

Child's Play remake will feature new robot like Chucky

Child's Play has been a staple in the horror genre ever since it first premiered in 1988. Spawning six sequels over thirty years, it continues to be a favorite among horror fans.

The main reason for the franchise's success is the killer doll and horror icon, Chucky. From merchandise to costumes, Chucky is one of the few horror movie villains that crossed over in the mainstream. The idea of a murderous, possessed doll terrorized audiences since the '80s and is the reason why my mother would not buy me a My Buddy doll.

Child's Play will be the latest horror classic to get the remake treatment as the producers of IT and MGM are putting a new spin on the franchise. The supernatural elements are being removed from Chucky's origin and being replaced with a more technology-based story.

Chucky will no longer be a Good Guy doll possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Instead, he will be a technologically advanced doll that gets hacked and becomes violent. Reports are also coming out that the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, and creator Don Mancini, will not be involved.

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Sometimes change can be good and sometimes change is needed. However, I personally am not a fan of this particular change. Filmmakers like to put their own spin on movies and shows to display their vision. But when you mess with the origin of something that has worked for thirty years, it's a risky road to travel.

Child's Play became a hit because it managed to capitalize on a very common fear called Pediophobia which of course is the fear of dolls. The supernatural element added to that made it a scary watch for tons of viewers and still scares us to this day.

We have already seen that remakes of horror movies usually do not work. That's because of changes to the narrative that made us love it to begin with. Fans do not like their favorites to be messed with and it looks like this change to Child's Play will be added to the list of remade disappointments.

Are you a fan of Child's Play? How do you feel about the change to Chucky? let us know in the comments.

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