‘Big Brother 20’ recap: ‘The Final Eight battle for the next HOH’

Angela Rummans, Big Brother


It’s day 65 in the BB house and the HG are battling for the next HOH.

Faysal is feeling confident with this new “alliance” that he and Haleigh made with Tyler & Angela. This HOH competition requires the HG to make a perfect score of 40 or lock in the highest score. Tyler doesn’t want to win this since he has a deal with everyone in the house. Haleigh and Kaycee come close to locking in a perfect score. Angela locks in a score of 39. Almost perfect. Tyler gets close with a 38. Brett and Haleigh come close but can’t beat the score. Angela is the new HOH and Level 6 is back in power.

Angela is the first HG to have multiple HOH’s. Angela is debating what to do this week. She is ether going to split up Haleigh and Faysal or go after the easy target like Sam. Tyler will be good and not have to use his Power App. Level 6 knows they have locked in the final 7. Haleigh catches Level 6 celebrating. She tells Faysal they are in trouble. Faysal keeps denying thinking they are safe. Haleigh says she guarantees she will be nominated this week.

Level 6 are discussing their options. They discuss the obvious which is putting up Haleigh and Faysal to ensure one of them goes home. They also consider Sam because that would get the least amount of blood on her hands. Angela chats with Haleigh and reassures her that she would just be a pawn if she goes up this week. Faysal then goes to chat with Angela about maybe them both avoiding the block. That definitely won’t happen. It doesn’t seem that Angela is listening to anything they are saying. Looks like this new “alliance” is already over.

JC has a plan to fatten up all of the HG by constantly feeding them. JC is doing something right as he has avoided being nominated all season. Faysal and Haleigh are starting to argue a bit more. Haleigh doesn’t like Faysal’s attitude. They don’t need to be arguing with each other considering all they have is each other in this game. It looks like another showmance is forming as Tyler and Angela seem to have feelings for each other. They don’t want to jeopardize their games but they do like each other.

Tyler/Angela discuss being in the top 7 and they know they are the only two making big moves this week. She keeps going back and forth between breaking up the couple or going after Sam. JC does his best pitch to Angela which is to put up Faysal and Haleigh to ensure that one of them is going home. It seems like this is what Angela is leaning towards doing. She does have one final chat with Faysal who thinks he can convince her to just use Haleigh as a pawn. It seems like Angela is not even listening and is pretty much set on nominating both of them.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony where Angela is expecting to nominate the showmance. That is the case as she nominates Haleigh and Faysal. Faysal looks shocked to see his picture. Angela delivers another savage speech by telling them they are “a day late and a dollar short” since they tried to come to make an alliance with her on day 60. Haleigh is upset and knows Faysal is the only person she can trust. Faysal is blindsided…again. He feels stupid for wasting his HOH last week. JC is laughing that his plans continue to work and he keeps avoiding the nomination block.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save Haleigh or Faysal from eviction?

Find out this Wednesday night at 8 p.m. only on CBS!

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