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Better Call Saul

Oh how we’ve missed your dorkiness Gale

A familiar Breaking Bad face has found his way back into the action in the newest episode of Better Call Saul: ladies and gentlemen, Gale Boetticher (David Costabile) is back.

He doesn’t come in until the very end of this episode — entitled “Something Beautiful” — but I just couldn’t hold off my excitement. It’s been too long since we’ve seen that fella.

We actually begin this episode of Better Call Saul with Nacho, taking a long, unpleasant drive out into the desert with some of Gus’ men.

Needing a way to explain Arturo’s murder, which we saw during the last episode, they now need to find a way to stage it so it doesn’t look like Gus was involved — otherwise, this whole plan falls apart.

Better Call Saul
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That’s not easy to do, either, considering the Salamanca twins aren’t stupid and should they found out they were being crossed…I, for one, don’t even want to imagine the torture devices they’d come up with.

That’s why Nacho has to take not just one bullet, but two. He wasn’t expecting the second one, which hits him right in the gut. They might have staged it all too well as Nacho begins bleeding out while Gus’ men drive off, as he frantically tries to get to his cell-phone.

The twins get there in time and bring him to a mob doctor who’s able to heal him, but this also provides another advantage for Gus.

Better Call Saul
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With the Salamancas thinking that this attack came from a rival cartel, the drug business is on lock-down. Gus now has to buy drugs from someone outside the Salamanca family, as they’re all too busy at the moment, which gives us the Gale reveal we’ve been waiting for.

Sadly, this isn’t a scene in which Gus is hiring him onto his operation. He simply asked Gale to run some samples on local meth dealers' supply. Gale is saddened by it too, as he points out that the highest results come in around 67 percent clarity — a number that really isn’t all that good to begin with, as he could do much better himself.

But Gus isn’t ready for him to start cooking for him yet. That will come later, once the Salamancnoare now longer in the picture. And all of Breaking Bad fans know exactly how that’s going to turn out.

Better Call Saul
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On to Jimmy, he’s still working on his plot to steal the little statue thing out of the printer company’s office. Despite the fact that this is an easy $10,000 score, Mike wants no part of this. He’s on to bigger and better things and doesn’t need to waste time with these petty crimes.

So, Jimmy enlists the help of another criminal he’s been keeping in his back pocket — Ira (Franc Ross) — instead.

Everything goes smoothly at first until Ira gets trapped in the bosses’ office late at night. Apparently, the boss of this place has been fighting with his wife and is now sleeping on his couch, trapping Ira underneath a nearby desk in a way that feels so Vince Gilligan and Better Call Saul (in the very best of ways).

Better Call Saul
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That means Jimmy once again has to do some quick thinking. He drives over to the printer shop, breaks into the boss’ car and puts it in neutral so it begins rolling away. The boss comes running out, giving enough time for Ira to escape.

Kim, once again, is absent for all of this. She’s trying to get back into the swing of things with her Mesa Verde, only to find that some things have changed in her absence. They’ve only gotten bigger while she’s been gone, as they’ve announced a brand new extension plan. That means, if Kim were to return, she’d find herself buried in even more work — an impossible task as she couldn’t even keep up with all of it before.

We end this episode with both her and Jimmy back at home, reflecting on the kind of days they had — Jimmy’s pretty great and Kim’s, well, not so much, once again drilling us with the point that crime really does have some benefits (and definitely some consequences) in the world of Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul
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But it’s the letter that’s the real cliff-hanger. Kim decides now is a good time to tell Jimmy about Chuck’s letter. Jimmy, who is still determined to feel no emotion about his brother’s death whatsoever, shrugs, opens it and reads it.

In a bit of a surprise, it actually has some nice things to say. Chuck was apparently somewhat reminiscent in his final hours, as the letter is filled with pride for Jimmy.

Jimmy still shrugs it off, but it hits Kim hard. She turns away, heading into the bedroom to cry. Jimmy curiously follows as we fade to black.

Tune in to AMC tonight for the new episode of Better Call Saul and check out our other Better Call Saul recaps by clicking here!

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