'Assassination Classroom' is one of the best anime ever created

Assassination Classroom, best,anime,ever

Assassination Classroom is one of the most compelling mixes of moral fiber, dire circumstances and committed teaching methods ever manifested in anime.

Assassination Classroom is what would happen if Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus fused with the Kill Bill series. It’s the most quirky anime I've ever seen in terms of the overall angle.

The premise of the show focuses on the students of Class-E3 and their relationship with their genetically overpowered teacher, Korosensei.

Class-E3, known as the “End Class,” is the lowest class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School with 28 students in total who either failed to keep their grades up or got in trouble for breaking the rules.

This class is the base of a confidential government plot that has given the students the task of the assassination of their homeroom teacher, Korosensei before he destroys the Earth in one year.

Korosensei is a octopus-like monster who destroyed 70 percent of the moon, leaving it in the shape of a crescent. And he promises to destroy the Earth within a year, but if they can kill him before then, they not only will save the world, but the assassin will receive 10 billion yen (almost $100 million).

He teaches the students the way of the assassin and regular school subjects, resulting in amazing results in both categories, making all the dynamics of their current situation a conflicting one.

Each student has their own pathway and story to follow which sucks you in as you grow to know them, including the students’ Ministry of Defense supervisor, Tadaomi and their English teacher, Irina.

A lot of times in anime there’s this tendency to teach a lesson, tug at the heart strings or inspire in battle. And this show does all three effortlessly.

Assassination Classroom is hilarious, badass, educational to the core, entangled in an emotional multiple choice quiz of morality that seems impossible to solve at times.

Assassination Classroom is a must-see for anyone, but especially for fans of anime.

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