Angela Josephine's Daylight: A Review

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Angela Josephine soars in Daylight, her 2018 album. Her quietly powerful voice travels throughout the album, running from each song on to the next.

The singer and songwriter came onto the scene in 2002, when she sang for a Border’s open mic night. Her first album, A Restful Sense of Urgency, came out the same year. Her sophomore album, Grace Exhaled, is her most spiritual, even after her third album, 2012’s Stone Bright Solid-Volume 1, a collaboration with Chris Bathgate.

A project seven years in the making, Daylight showcases the best of Josephine’s talents, especially as she shows off her numerous instrumental skills. These include guitar, mandolin, both hammered and mountain dulcimer, and piano.

The album’s first song, “This Light (Prelude)” is a somber yet hopeful piece, which leads into “Got to Believe”, one of the album’s strong points. Josephine’s voice pleads through “Go Easy”, while the title song, “Daylight” is a catchy singer-songwriter piece.

“Forty Days (Interlude)” was one of my favorite pieces on the album, being mystical and instrument-driven. “Red Roses”, however, was a close second, as it was also mystical and catchy.

“River Rising” was another favorite, as a mystical fairytale tune. “The Way of Light” was soothing, as was “Face to the Wind (Finale)”, which brought this album to a lovely close.

Overall, Daylight features a powerful vocalist, and I will be interested to see where she goes next.

Angela Josephine's Daylight: A Review
  • Angela Josephine's Daylight: A Review
The Good

Josephine's quietly powerful voice soars throughout the album.

The Bad
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