'American Vandal' season 2 trailer introduces a new mystery

American Vandal

And it isn't a pretty one, either.

American Vandal is making its return to Netflix this September as the trailer for the second season has just been released.

This time, instead of a whole bunch of phallus objects that have been spray-painted onto vehicles in a high school teacher’s parking lot, the boys will be investigating something that’s even worse. Much, much worse.

The logline, via Deadline, reads as follows:

“Season 2 of the Emmy nominated and Peabody Award-winning true-crime satire follows co-creators/documentarians Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund as they bring their investigative skills to an elite Catholic school where someone has been taking poop-related pranks to new heights. From co-creators Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault and show running Dan Lagana, American Vandal’s second season will have viewers speculating: Who is the Turd Burglar?”

American Vandal
credit: YouTube

It sounds utterly ridiculous and stupid, of course, but the beauty of the whole thing is that if season two is anything like season one, we actually WILL be speculating that very question. The first season of American Vandal did an incredible job at wrapping up us into this absurd mystery that wasn’t even true, to the point where I went out and bought a ‘Free Dylan’ t-shirt (I’m not kidding).

Season two of American Vandal looks like it’s off to a good start already, as they’re keeping the same vibe that made season one a hit, while also raising the stakes and addressing some of the questions they know viewers are going to have.

My one request is that Jimmy Tatro makes a cameo somewhere in there. It wouldn’t be American Vandal without Dylan (imagine if he joined the documentary crew or something like that).

The new season will hit Netflix on Sept. 14. Check out the American Vandal trailer here and then let us know your thoughts on how the new season looks in the comments below!

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