World Emoji Day: Guide to modern hieroglyphics

???Happy World Emoji Day! ???

Admit it, there have been times you don't know if you're bestie is pissed or overjoyed with you because you can't figure out what an emoji means. ??? And we guarantee you've laughed until you've cried as your parents try to be cool and use emojis. ???

Just remember that goes both ways as they are the ones who created the base for your fun many moons ago. They are better known as emoticons. 0:) >:) |;‑)

Sometimes these modern hieroglyphics are confounding to everyone and anyone who tries to use them.


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Then there are the times when emojis are like an old-time game of telephone - as they get passed from device to device their original meaning is lost entirely.

Click next to see the most confusing emoji for World Emoji Day!

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