NYC art rock artist Jared Weiss rocks out with, 'Isolated Thunderstorms'

'Isolated Thunderstorms' Album Cover, Jared Weiss

NYC-based rock/folk artist Jared Weiss’ music embraces a type of rock and roll that is permeated with a daring sense of theatrics.

Graduated from NYU 2006 with a Bachelor Music in Vocal Performance, he’s appeared in numerous roles Off-Broadway, Cabaret, NYC Theatre, and in regional musical theatre productions:  RENT (Sharon Playhouse), Things To Ruin, The Joe Iconis, Christmas Extravaganza (54 Below), Hair at 54 (54 Below, Le Poisson Rouge), Bowie at 54 (54 Below), Hair 50’s Anniversary Concert (LaMama) Directed by James Rado (writer of Hair), Jesus Christ Superstar (Lamma) directed by Hair writer James Rado.

The songs on Weiss’ latest album, entitled, Isolated Thunderstorms, are untamed and they are shaped by Weiss’ experience in theater.  They showcase Weiss’ charming and bold showmanship, as the singer-songwriter fleshes out these tracks with personalized storytelling and heartfelt lyrics.

The album opens up with the title track that has a great energy and big bustling classic rock vibe.  About a girl who lights up his world in a unique way like “isolated thunderstorms,” the song has a gritty rock feel to it.  The mysterious lyrics add to the revving effects of the guitar riffs, making this track extremely catchy and loud.

“Annalu (From Monterrey)” starts off with traces of the harmonica sounding off toward the beginning.  The song is sung with theatrics.  About a girl named, Annalu, whose mysterious ways catches his attention, this is a whimsical love ballad.  A romantic sound eludes from the Spanish guitar.  The track has a great rock ‘n’ roll vibe with a classic feel as the sounds of the harmonica dresses the song with its mournful cadence.

“Get Out of My Head” has an energized piano melody that jumpstarts the beginning of this song.  The upbeat tune courses throughout this track.  Weiss’ vocals, here, shows panache with a flair for theatrics.  The upbeat, contagious melody has an infectious tune, as the vocals are sung with a rare type of clarity paired by an invigorating sense of gusto.

“Not Everything That Dies Grows Old” is a song that has a country-bent appeal, rooted in an Americana sense.  The up-keyed sounds of the harmonica and keys highlight this track.  About a man who is trying to flee his demons while trying to win back the woman he loves, he finds time is running out and he has to do something drastic.

“Can’t Remember Your Name” contains melodious guitar riffs that rip apart this song.  Bongos go on to trace the gamut of this track, eliciting an upbeat cadence and catchy feel.  A bold flavor could be detected from this song.

“Isolated Thunderstorms II” has a definite retro feel to this track.  The song is filled by the upbeat sound of the piano.  The piano tune is melodious and refreshing, recalling the rock cadences from the '50s and '60s.  The track is permeated by a bright and sunny sound that will get stuck in your head for days.

“Julia” starts off with a dark and deep vibe imbued, permeated with a gritty cadence.  The spiraling sounds come from the electric guitars, bass, and drums that come together on this pretty dynamic ballad.  The classic rock vibe on this song is filled with an amped feel coming from the energized percussions.

“Almost All Of Me” starts off with a melancholic piano melody that has somber undertones and a sad riff.  Weiss’ vocals are stark alone with just the cadence of the piano keys to accompany him.  About how life can often deliver surprises and tragedies in the same package, the track describes incidents where several victims experience car accidents where they nearly lose everything and brings to life with raw details the experience.

“Saving Tomorrow (For You)” starts off with an energized rock sound as the dynamic song is filled with a strong sense of underlining urgency.  The great melodious tune courses throughout the cadence of the coalescing of sounds with the electric guitar, bass, piano, and drums.

“Darling Reni” full elicits with a mournful cadence coming from the harmonica that fills the track towards the beginning.  The song is permeated with a country-twang folk feel.  Next, strumming on the acoustic guitar fills this track as it directly supports Weiss’ vocals on this simple country-bent song.  The sounds of the harmonica serenade listeners through the closing of this track.

“Elusive Particles” contains classic revving guitars that fill the start of this song.  The track evokes a promising reverberating bluesy vibe, as Weiss philosophies about the pieces of ourselves that we shed when we go out in the world that eventually collide with the rest of the universe - it turns out we are more an intrinsic part of one another than you would think.  The song is filled with a roaring type of energy that is contagious.  The performance, here, recalls instances of David Bowie and Muse, as the vocal harmonies create a melodious effect as they wrap up the track.

Weiss has a great versatile rock and roll style that he wears with a veritable finesse.  The songs on his latest offering are decked out with personalized lyrics and head-turning vocals.

If Isolated Thunderstorms is any loud indicator, his live performances are something to watch out for.

Jared Weiss’ new album is a tour de force.  His show-stopping performances are filled with great showmanship and a certain amount of pizzazz that will definitely ‘wow’ audiences.

A force of his own reckoning, Weiss celebrates the human spirit with these energized compositions that take a gander into his personal life and spin his experiences into these giant rock ‘n’ roll pieces that have taken a life of their own!

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