Nostalgia - Why PUBG will always have a place in the gaming world [OPINION]



PUGB is a game to go back to time and time again

To me, it feels like a fortnight since I have played PUBG. Has it lost any steam? Maybe, not to you, the reader. Yet, PUBG's average player base has dropped 44.7 percent. Maybe, that is the circle of life when it comes to video game dominance. Or, maybe you are still playing SOCOM: Navy Seals on your PS2.

You might be thinking to yourself, SELF, doesn't James know that PUBG has tons of replay value? Doesn’t he know that PUBG will still be around After Fallout 76 and the hype train that goes with it, arrives? Yes. I do know but, please consider the following. When the game released in 2017 its user base was 3,200,000 then took a serious dip in the month of may with 2,175, 704 player base. Now in 2018, January it was clocked at 879,429. This number has increased to 1,474,111 though.

The cause of this, if you didn't catch my joke earlier, is most likely FortniteFortnite has a rising user base over 45,000,000. Even though Fortnite is a different game, it is still a shooter at heart. Its whimsical art style and silly dance taunts give much entertainment to the player. Its harvest and craft function are neat too. The games also battle each other in real life! PUBG Corp has sued Epic Games over copyright infringement in South Korea. What will arrive from this lawsuit is up in the air. 

Point of this story is, do you, as the consumer, love the product or the feeling the product give you?  Because nostalgia is a very powerful emotion. That is why games are rebooted and other types of media. So even though PUBG might be losing their pants, they already made a home inside your mind.  Next to funny memes and your Dad slipping on the ice when you were five.

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