Monique Angele produces classically-inspired pop and soul tracks on 'Alive'

'Alive' Album Cover, Monique Angeles

Canadian singer-songwriter Monique Angele currently based in Australia merges classical elements into her pop and piano-based repertoire.

Angele is classically trained in classical opera, but eventually, she received the calling to write, compose, and perform her own original material.  No stranger to the stage, her live performances have garnered her accolades from music outlets and raving responses from audiences.  She has performed across Canada, Australia, and London, U.K., going on to create an avid following from her honest delivery and stellar live performances.

Her latest offering features modern pop and soul components mixed in with classical elements.  The album opens up with “Pink Coloured Sky,” which is a piano-based track filled with a pensive piano melody that fills this song.  Elegant strings also go on to trace this track, creating an atmospheric vibe from the ethereal vocals.  There is definitely an elegant feel to the song that is paved by a dreamy vibe and an ambient feel.  The drumming backbeat adds a dramatic layer while Angele’s operatic vocals give her original music a polished appeal.

“I Want A World” has an electric guitar and piano melody accompanying Angele’s vocals toward the beginning of the song.  The track is filled with political commentary on this socially conscious song, seeping with emotion and thought-provoking lyrics filled with universal themes for love, peace, and fighting hate.  A sonorously radio-active guitar solo gives this track a vibrant sound towards the end.  The violin, electric guitar, and drums go on to elicit a soaring feel.

“Hold On” starts off with a haunting piano melody with the vocals equally pensive and melancholic.  Next, the electric guitar, bass, and drums join in with the soaring and elegant vocals.

“Our Paradise” has an energetic piano tune that fills the start of this song.  Angele’s vocals sound whimsical here accompanied by the catchy piano melody.  This is a joyous-sounding track with a solemn feel to the cadence like from an old hymn.  The song crescendos with the strings, piano, and vocals coalescing together with dramatic flair.

“Forever Strong” starts off with the trickling in of piano keys.  Angele’s vocals, here, elicits an introspective quality with the simple arrangement of just vocals being accompanied by guitar, strings, and drums that eventually joins in.  The percussions really give an energetic element to this song.  The musicians really rock out in this track, jamming in an all-out jam-session, as they tightly weld their instruments.

The closer, “Rare Girl,” follows through with a melodious piano tune that jumpstarts this song.  This is an emotional and poetic track filled with vulnerable vocals and a piano melody that grows more intricate as the song continues on.  This is a soaring arrangement of simply the piano accompanied by Angele’s vocals.

Monique Angele’s newest album, Alive, really vies for your attention.  Its pop and soul compositions blended with modern touches and a classical element will strike a chord with audiences.  These riveting piano-laden tracks with Angele’s soaring vocal abilities bears a light – a spark that differentiates herself from other artists.

On this spirited release, Angele exhibits some great showmanship, giving you a preview of what she may have in store for you if you attend a live show of hers.

On the themes behind the album, Angele says:  “I was inspired to release this album because I wanted to create something that pushed the boundaries in regards to songwriting, production, and subject matter.  I believe each song dives into the raw emotions and passions of what it feels like to be “alive” and shows to not be afraid to express oneself fully.  The songs range from ethereal bliss, political change, depression and love.”

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