Joe Weller shares his KSI vs Logan Paul predictions

Joe Weller, Youtube, screenshot

Who will win the KSI vs Logan Paul match? Joe Weller says Logan Paul might win.

Joe Weller is the only person who has faced KSI in a boxing match before. On February 8, 2018, KSI won after looking surprisingly confident in the ring before calling out the Paul brothers in his post-fight speech.

Weller explained in his latest YouTube video how confidence will be the most crucial detail that will set one of them apart.

“I feel it’s whoever is going to be more comfortable in that ring," Weller said on YouTube. "What I mean by that is in OUR fight, JJ was far more comfortable and in his element. He thrives in that situation, whereas me… as much as I felt confident and ready to win, I just lost my head."

He goes on by stating that Logan Paul will have a physical advantage over KSI. Paul was a high school wrestler and Weller believes that the wrestling experience will be important in the ring.

Tickets are now on sale for the August 25 boxing match at the Manchester Arena. There will also be a second fight in February 2019 in the USA.

What are your predictions?

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