If you liked 'The Kissing Booth,' you'll love these retro rom-coms

The Kissing Booth on Netflix is such a rage you'd think no one had ever made a romantic comedy before. Ever.

In true Netflix fashion, the original movie isn't really that great. If you take a step back, the plot was underdeveloped, the character portrayals were weak and the critical person, the best friend or parent to vent to, was wildly missing.

kissing boothAnd, they had Molly Ringwald. Forget her as Archie's mom in Riverdale, think of her potential as part of the iconic '80s Brat Pack. She could have had a role that would have taken the lacking plotline out of the park.

Honestly, the only difference between The Kissing Booth and any made-for-TV Disney movie was the sex. And even that was not well done.

But if you enjoyed it, and we won't judge you for that, we have a list of retro rom-coms  including ones with Molly Ringwald, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Goldblum and Ryan Reynolds that will prove how bad The Kissing Booth is and make you fall deeply in love with real romantic comedy.

These movies, like The Kissing Booth, are about relationships that should not have happened but worked out anyway despite a major hiccup along the way.

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