Game Show Revivals that need to happen soon

Game Show Revivals

Game Show Revivals. Like Manna from Heaven.

The $100,000 Pyramid is back, Match Game is back, The Joker's Wild is back, but which game show revivals should be next?

It's currently one of the biggest television trends, the game show revival. The games that you watched while home sick from school as a kid are returning with all-new episodes in prime time slots. Plus, some of the biggest names in show business like Michael Strahan, Alec Baldwin and even Snoop Dogg are filling the shoes of game show legends such as  Dick Clark, Gene Rayburn and Jack Barry.

With retro game shows being brought back as fast as you can say "A NEW CAR," it begs the question, which shag-carpeted classic will be next?

By turning the time machine back to either the 1970s and 1980s alone, there are so many game shows to choose from that are well-deserving of a 21st century revival, as seen by the three shows mentioned above. Expand the small screen range to also include the 90s and even the 2000s, it might by tough to narrow the playing field down to just ten. However, based on categories such as original run popularity, recognizable show elements and whether or not the show could survive in this day and age, here are ten game shows that should get a revival, along with a Brad Fact for each show.

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