Game show blunders that will have you laughing til you cry

These clips are truly #blunderful!

There's nothing more fun than watching a flawless game show episode, especially when lots of winning is involved. Actually, on second thought, there is something more fun than watching a flawless game show episode ... watching a game show moment where something hilariously goes wrong.

These are known as game show blunders.

Throughout the years, many game shows have fallen victim to accidental goofs, from celebrity guests or even the host mistakenly giving away answers, to answers being revealed when they shouldn't have. No matter how many years a show has been on or how many years of experience you have playing or hosting a game show, sometimes things just go wrong. Luckily for game show fans, we now have the ability to relive and re-watch these glorious mishaps over and over again, and just when you thought you've watched these clips enough times, the temptation of laughing some more draws you right back in for another hit of the play button.

Game Show Blunders
Courtesy of CBS Daytime/YouTube (Screen Grab)

Get your giggles ready and don't be ashamed to wipe those laughter tears away with your shirt sleeve because it's time to count down the top 10 game show blunders in television history. Keep in mind, game show blunders are not the same thing as stupid game show answers. Game show blunders involve an element of a game show episode going wrong due to things like a slip of the lip or an inopportune reveal. Stupid game show answers involve contestants embarrassing themselves on national television when giving a completely dumb response to a question or puzzle. So, this means don't expect to see any "Alligator," "Naked Grandma" or "A Group of Pill Pushers" clips in this list.

Now that the difference between game show blunders and stupid game show answers has been explained, it's officially time to release the line-up of mess ups. For your viewing pleasure, here are moments that those involved probably wish had never happened, but we are so glad they did.

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