Fortnite releases Season 5 teaser image 'Worlds Collide'

Fortnite, releases, Season 5, teaser image

Fortnite Season 5 is officially prepared to launch Thursday, July 12 at 4 a.m. and the official first image for the season has been revealed.

The image is of an Egyptian cat-like mask with the famous portal rift, that’s seen all over the Fortnite map, indenting the mask.

With Season 5 on the horizon, many theories have been expelled as to what the theme will be. After the rocket launch June 30, several expanding portals were revealed around the map, including places like Retail Row, the motel, and Tomato Town, where the head was recently found destroyed.

Along with the rifts in the map locations and in the skies, the rifts have produced a horse carriage and an anchor between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores.

There is some speculation that the theme for Season 5 will be a time travel theme and that the rifts/portals are vortexes that spawn in real time.

There has been proof of this in the past weeks with the appearances of new items and things like the Durr Burger spawning in a real-life California dessert.

Another detail that is being theorized is that the tier 100 skin is the Flying Dutchmen, whose official name is “The Cursed Captain” and the tier 1 character is the Indiana Jones looking skin called “The Explorer.” There’s also a Time Traveler Scientist skin that tries to close the portals, but he has no official name.

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