Fans support Demi Lovato sharing emotional notes using #HowDemiHasHelpedMe

Demi Lovato

As Demi Lovato recovers from an apparent overdose, fans from around the world are showing their love and support using the hashtag .

Lovato, now 25, has suffered from addiction, bulimia, bipolar disorder, self-harm and was bullied all before the age of 18. She has spoken out on each issue, shared herself via her music and regularly supports fans on social media when they share their own stories.

Now, fans are giving back the love Demi has shared as she faces her own recovery. With their poignant and heartfelt words, they share pieces of themselves not only with her, but the world.

Here are a few notes to show how much one person can do, how many lives Demi has saved and how very much her fans love her.

How has Demi helped you? Use #HowDemiHasHelpedMe to share your story!

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