'Dragon Ball Super' movie has ties to Broly

Dragon Ball Super, movie, has Broly

Dragon Ball Super has been leaking information about the details of its first ever film as they inch closer to its premiere on December 14.

And on Monday afternoon a huge Dragon Ball Super bombshell was revealed in a leaked poster—and its Broly!

A poster featuring Goku, Vegeta and the mysterious saiyan appeared on a Japanese twitter  with the title “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” on it.

The image displayed the new art of Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue with the mysterious saiyan hovering above them and a ballistic saiyan powering up beneath them.

This means that the new villain of the film that was being discussed is, indeed, Broly.

Now, this is important because Broly was originally created by Takao Koyama not Akira Toryiama, virtually making Broly not canon.

But with Toryiama adding Broly to the movie, many fans see that as an ushering in of the canon Broly era.

When news broke of the updated title, the internet went nuts, causing “Broly” to be the 3rd highest trending topic with 21.2 thousand tweets.

Broly has long been seen as a beloved villain by many Dragon Ball fans and it looks like Akira Toryiama will get a chance to provide his spin on the character in the upcoming film.

Are you excited about the Dragon Ball Super film, featuring Broly? Comment below.

'Dragon Ball Super series' ending with new movie on the horizon

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