Celebrities you will never believe were game show hosts

Maury Povich

Wait ... they hosted a game show?

Everyone knows the Bob Barkers, the Pat Sajaks and the Alex Trebeks of the game show world. They are three people who rightfully belong on a list of classic game show hosts. These hosts are ones who have emceed famous game shows, have been hosting game shows for many years, and are people who you automatically think of when you hear the words "game show host."

Other emcees that are part of this exclusive club include Wink Martindale, Dick Clark, Tom Kennedy, Bob Eubanks, Gene Rayburn, Richard Dawson, Bill Cullen and Allen Ludden.

But what about hosts that didn't have those legendary names? You are about see the names of ten celebrities from different fields of the entertainment and television world. Some are sports figures, some are talk show hosts and some are prominent figures on network news programs. These are all figures that you will most likely recognize from their main line of work, but each of these ten individuals have something else in common ... they have all hosted a game show.

Some of these celebrities, despite not having very much game show hosting experience, did a decent job with their respective shows and exceeded expectations. Others, on the other hand, should be happy that they still kept their day jobs and didn't go into game show hosting full-time.

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Sadly, the days of the classic game show host are over, and as long as you have a famous name and are recognizable in some way, you are on the radar to host a game show. It's very disheartening, but as you will see by this list, in this day and age of television, anyone can be picked to host a game show, even if their game show hosting abilities are not even close to being up to par.

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