'Big Brother' Should anyone trust a life coach under 30-years-old? Not so much. [OPINION]

Cry-baby Kaitlyn got what she wanted, thanks to Tyler and the douchy Swaggy C may be history on Big Brother

Big Brother hasn't even had its second eviction yet and the competition is fierce with bold moves happening early.  After the POV competition on Wednesday, that Tyler won, Kaitlyn's plan was fully set into motion with Scotty pulled down and Swaggy C put on the block.

As that seemed like a good idea to happen for the last week, however, it was surprising that there was a strange dissatisfaction in the results. Also, Kaitlyn hasn't earned our favor or trust, despite winning HOH last week and there is a good reason for that:  she doesn't come off as likable or authentic.

The plan was in place.  Both Winston and Scotty were pawns and her true target was Swaggy C.  Not a bad plan as he seems to be a good gamer, but his ego and telling America that we got it wrong landed him in a tough place. His buyer's remorse after beginning a showmance with Baleigh really did suck, even though he migrated back to her this week.  America knows who and what they like and don't like and his bravado didn't quite work.  At least it didn't work so early in this season.

BB fans love ruthless players, but buyer's remorse after starting a showmance and being good, not great, in challenges and the social game doesn't usually endear someone to fans.

Kaitlyn's "best friend" in the house is allegedly Faysal, but he is in a budding showmance with Haleigh and there may be a little jealousy there.  If you trust him so implicitly, why not share your plan with him? Easy, because she didn't trust him and is jealous of his connection with Haleigh. In fact, she so blocked them when she found them snuggling signifies a bit.

Kaitlyn is in her early 20s.  Her listed job is a life coach.  One can never fully know what one has experienced in their lives, but going to a young person for advice on how to live life better, seems like a bit of a stretch.  The fact that she is often hostile and antagonistic adds to that.

When Tyler decided to use his power of veto to do what he said he would do, it proved that he may not be a moron.

Cliff Lipson/CBS 

However, Kaitlyn's overly emotional (and yes, probably fake for theatrical value) handling of her decision to put Swaggy C up probably didn't make her any friends in the house or in America, for that matter.

Someone who tried to make up for the fact that she wasn't doing well with America was Rachel, who tried very hard in the competition, despite losing and seemed to want to make sure viewers got a better impression of her.  She dealt with her Yelling punishment like a boss, so she may go on to win friends, fans and more Houseguests.  We shall see.

As for Kaitlyn, let's see how she handles the last day of her present reign as HOH tomorrow.

Big Brother will air again on Thursday on CBS.

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