'Big Brother 20' POV results and Swaggy C may be a douche [OPINION]


POV competition yields interesting results on Big Brother 20

Big Brother 20 may have started with a potential showmance, but only week in, there is no doubt that there is a full on narcissist in the house who thinks he is all that, and he isn't... At least not yet.

Swaggy C isn't winning oodles of support from fans, though he may be a good player.  Too early to report on that, especially after the Power of Veto challenge.  He just doesn't come off as a good guy, nor as a smart player.  This show is a game that does require some deception, but why not be likable at least in the early days?  Also, using the third-person to identify yourself is never a good sign, buddy.

He seemed to have a bit of regret after an impromptu make-out session with the beautiful Bayleigh, but he did seem committed to wanting her to stay, at least for a bit longer.

Last week, when Swaggy C was so sure that he was trending in America, he may have lost most of America by telling the cameras that we got it wrong.

Uh, no we didn't. His actions may not have yielded the desired results. Who would have thought that a cute, sad, lonely robot with a Southern drawl would have captured the hearts of America?  Uh, duh.



Tyler was clued in that Sam has something good going for her, but she wasn't entirely forthright on what that power was.  However, he always had a sweet spot for this welder and it seems he'd like her to be safe as long as possible, as long as it helps him, that is...

I'm not quite sure why Steve was one of Tyler's choices to be on the block.  Unfortunately, older people are always the first to end up the block, fair or not. And something else to think about is that in Tyler's intro, he alluded to the fact that he isn't so bright.  He may be correct on that...

Now, something interesting about this week is that due to a few major racial, sexual and social gaffes, CBS responded by stating that these kinds of bad behaviors will not be tolerated.

Rachel Swindler and Angela Rummans made some comments regarding their skin tones that set social media ablaze.  JC Mounduix was criticized after walking around the house with an ice cream scooper and being inappropriate with some of the female Houseguests.

SPOILER ALERT from now on...

The POV challenge began with snakes. Very appropriate for this show.  Scotty was the first one eliminated, and though in theory, he'd rather help Steve, his fear of snakes won out.

From there they enter a freezing pool where Swaggy C froze his parts off.

Then, there was an attack by paint and gravity, where Steve, who is on the block, fell a bit sooner than he wanted to when he couldn't successful navigate getting to the next small pedestal.

Next up was a balance activity where they had to bring 10 balls from one place to another while having to deal with being shocked from electricity from shock collars, to which Sam said, "Bring it on."  She didn''t succeed.

The final comp was all about soda or SLODA where they had to taste yucky beverages, where Faysal won, but Tyler said he threw it and he believes that his losing helps his game...

In the end, Faysal did not use the Power of Veto, leaving Steve and Sam still on the block.  They just don't know that Sam has an advantage.  Whether or not she needs to use it tomorrow remains to be seen.

Big Brother 20 is on CBS on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

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