Anime of the Summer: 5 must-watch manga

Anime of the summer, 5,must-watch,anime

Anime is in full swing now with series returning and brand new ones emerging out of the depths of new manga.

There’s a gauntlet of anime to watch nowadays with the expansion of the mainstream of its viewers—especially with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix expanding their reaches on the genre—specifically Netflix.

Summertime is the hotbed for new anime and this year is no different. The Japanese arcade video game Dragon Ball Heroes has an anime short series, bridging all of the Dragon Ball dimensions together to bring the Prison Planet arc to life in a nine-minute short.

There’s also Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the spin-off of Naruto Shippuden, which has begun to heat up with the ninja world going from a peaceful one to the evil Otsutsuki clan rapturing Naruto up from the Chunin Exams after he tried to protect Boruto and the Hidden Leaf as the clan attempted to extract the Nine-tails from him--and now Sasuke heads a rescue team with Boruto, wearing the OG Naruto ninja outfit. ????

But that’s just where the list begins to heat up. So, click next to see my top five must-watch anime of the summer.

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