Alien Country makes a definitive move with, 'Like My Life Depends On It'

'Like Your Life Depends On It' Album Cover, Alien Country

Finally, your fantasies have come true. Alien Country, a solo projected headed by Liam Marcus Torres, is a venture that dares to explore sci-fi themes, while in the backdrop, heartfelt country-rocking blues poignantly digs into the roots genre with a propensity for a whole lot of soul and rock.

His new album, Like My Life Depends On It, explores the concept of combining country-rock/Americana music with science fiction to a tee.  The album cover fully elicits this theme.  Hugh Syme,  the Art Director for Rush and the creator of multiple astounding artworks for The Outlaws, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Brian Setzer, The Stray Cats, and more, comments on the artistic direction he made on the album design:

“What makes this confident and whimsical is the subtlety of the improbable elements coexisting in one frame of reference.  So, I quite enjoy the quiet confidence and absurdity with the juxtaposition of the alien landscape, and the cool vintage track ambling through.”

This stark contrast fuses Torres two main loves into one fantastical image, going on to further exemplify Alien Country’s attempt to engage fans with a whole new avenue in which to view country-rock in a way that has never before been imagined.

The album opens up with “So-called Friends” that is filled with the joyous and melodious sounds of the mandolin, guitar, bass, and even beat of the drums.  The great country-bent tune is an invigorating blend of Americana, country, blues, and folk.  The great energy and rambunctious quality fully exhibit Torres soulful vocals that really bring the country rock tunes to life.  The bright, sunny, and jovial cadences of the violin trace this track, creating a great sizzling flavor.

“Reality Check” has a mixture of rocking sounds coming from the violin, bass, guitar, and drums, as the combined vocal harmonies really add a nice textual element to the track.  The overlays of vocals are worked over each other, creating a pretty dynamic soundscape.  The song has a great indie garage rock flavor imbued tastefully with a great country-bent revving energy.  The electric track has a lot of fun and excitement exuding from the multi-layered cadence.

“Desire” starts off with the amped energy coming from the harmonica accompanied by the twirling sounds of the violin.  The vocals coming from the mic gives overall a tinny effect filled with reverb.  The vocals are shouted in fits of excitement and joy, while the rest of the song is upbeat and catchy.  A happening electric guitar solo sounds off mid-way into the track, teasing out the rest of the song.

“Forced Game” starts off with a big bustling blues vibe that paves the country-drenched rock track.  The song is upbeat filled with a sunny cadence and invigorating vocals.  There is a touching and moving element to the indie rock and alt vibe.  The sounds of the violin are intermingled into the track along with the radio-active sounds of the guitar, bass, and drums.

“Blame” has a great flow to it, as well as a catchy and melodious feel.  The melancholic sounds of the violin drive this track, giving off a dramatic appeal.  The song has a retro-vibe, conjuring a New Wave feel with the electric backbeat of the track, creating an intricate cadence from the layers of vocal harmonies and instrumentals.

On “Mommy Dearest,” the interlude is filled with the sounds of the violin and ukulele.  The music gives off a keening cadence, keeping the dynamic mixture of strings and ukulele ill-contained.

“Remedy” is a rocking country-bent Americana song that will leave listeners bobbing their heads and tapping their toes to the infectious tune.  The sound of the strings really drives the cadence of this song forward.  The track has a classic rock and alt feel to it with great revving energy on the electric guitar solo towards the end of the song.

“Going To Enjoy” starts off with a big bluesy appeal towards the beginning with a great big amped energy that paves the track.  A great big drumming backbeat sets the tone for a more upbeat stance.  The drumming really moves the song forward.  The sounds of the violin soar on this track.

“How It Could Have Been” has a big revving energy coming from the electric guitar.  The song is charged with a melodious and catchy tune filled with reverb-drenched guitars.

“Tell Me So” starts off with a great harmonious melody that fills this track.  The vocals are shouted out in a series of what sounds like engaging chants.  The cadence of the violin adds a dramatic layer to the song, while the drums fasten a speedy backbeat to the overall gist of the track.  The happening vibe spins a sound filled with the fervor of energy that is highly dynamic.

“Hold Me” starts off with some rummaging sounds on the electric guitar with the beginning imbued with a startling atmospheric vibe with the soaring sounds of the synths adding an electric layer to the track.  The song has a dark, haunting feel to it with the cadence of metal music attached to this country-bent track.  This reverb-filled song is filled with the energetic sounds coming from the strings.

“No One” fully elicits the exciting cadence coming from the violin, electric guitar, bass, and drums.  The twang of the guitar gives a gnarly twist to the track.

The closer is a bonus track, entitled, “Remedy Remix,” that is filled with a more electrifying sound than the original.  The speedier cadence makes for a sultrier and smokier pull, while the invigorating layers of vocals and complex overlay of instrumentals from the violin, electric guitar, bass, to drums, gives off a more classic rock approach.  The great psychedelic electric guitar solo embedded in the song ties in really well the themes of intergalactic space prevalent on the album.

Alien Country’s brand new album debunks the age-old myth that you can’t mix country-rock with sci-fi.

Here, country-rock, a genre normally suffused with nostalgia for the South is blended in with the exciting components that science fiction brings, making this melding a definite blockbuster, as it combines elements of heart-warming tunes with a soulful gait into a realm of unknown and strange wonders.  This ambitious new release is a soaring example that it is okay to mix your loves – as Like Your Life Depends On It proves, as long as it’s something you’re passionate about, you can’t go wrong with that.

Alien Country’s new release is memorable with a great textural sound.  It is a heavenly concoction that dives into the blues, country, Americana, folk, and rock genres with a brevity that could be envied.

Give yourself a rioting good time with these feel-good tracks made distinct for their unique sci-fi themes.

Under this unconventional space, Torres, an ardent fan of sci-fi, brings his love for the genre to the limelight with these highly seducing energetic country rock tunes.  This is music bursting from the seams.  This is music you cannot silence.

Grab yourself a copy of this sonic insanity today!

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