#WhoBitBeyonce solved by Tiffany Haddish?

Sanaa Latha

Actress Tiffany Haddish has possibly revealed who playfully bit Beyonce at a Jay-Z concert afterparty last December. She smiled after an interviewer whispered their guess: Love and Basketball star Sanaa Lathan.

According to an interview she gave to the Hollywood Reporter, Lathan's parents gave Haddish flack for trying to kill their daughter's career. Despite the embarrassment, Haddish says she is still being invited to parties.

Lathan took to Twitter to deny the bite, at first lightly:

Lathan was social media's first guess when the mystery was first circulating. In March, Haddish herself first revealed the bite had happened in an interview with GQ, but did not say who had done it.

Lathan, speaking with Health in May, flat-out denied the biting rumor.

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