Tony nominated musicals: Winning isn't everything

Winning a Tony for Best Musical is no guarantee for a long Broadway run

The Tony Awards are composed of 26 different categories one of which is Best Musical.

To be nominated for the honor a musical must have opened by the deadline to be eligible, meaning that the production must be playing in a Broadway Theatre, the Tony Awards are for Broadway only.

A win does not guarantee success some musicals have had short runs, but won the Best Musical Tony Award. In some cases, some of the productions have only lasted a year, which in the grand scheme of things would not be considered a successful run. On the other hand, Musicals that have only been nominated, but not won Best Musical, in some cases, the number of performances triples the number that the show that won had.

A production can only be nominated within their first year of being on Broadway. Lasting longer than a year on Broadway helps the production because word of mouth gets around, and ticket sales can go up.

Another thing about having a production be longer than a year is that the cast can change, bringing a whole new look and a whole new feel to the production.

Click next for the five productions that did not win Best Musical but had a long run and five musicals that won Best Musical, but had short runs on Broadway.

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