Tickets for KSI vs. Logan Paul are on sale now

After seeing the fury at the press conference, who doesn't want these tickets!

Last week YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul held a press conference for their August 25 boxing match at the LA Coliseum.

The fight, which will be at the Manchester Arena, was already highly anticipated since this is the second YouTube boxing fight after KSI's win over U.K. YouTuber Joe Weller. The press conference has hyped the event even more.

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KSI announced that tickets are on sale here as of June 22 at 6 p.m. BST ( 1 p.m. EST).

If you missed the press conference, you can watch it below where the conference starts around the 1:11:00-minute mark.

A brawl ensued on stage after KSI put on a blonde wig to impersonate Logan. Paul tried to take the wig off but the British vlogger pushed Logan back as the security guards ran to the middle of the stage.

After the press conference, "the biggest YouTuber in the U.K." left a brutal message for the Paul brothers.

"If that mother f***er thinks he can beat me, he's got another thing coming," KSI said in a video. "It's just a shame I can't fight Jake at the same time - they're both just c**ts man."

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