'Pyramid' top 10 greatest wins of all-time

1. Billy Crystal is unbelievable!

Here it is, Billy Crystal's record-breaking 26-second win on The $20,000 Pyramid, the number one Pyramid moment of all-time. This win is not only considered the top Pyramid win, but it is up there with one of the best game show wins in television game show history. It's such a shame that the full episode this unbelievable moment was featured on has been wiped and only this winning moment, shown as a flashback on the episode that aired the day after, still exists.

In the number two clip, Dick Clark called Billy Crystal a psychic and watching both the number two and the number one clips back-to-back definitely proves his psychic Pyramid abilities.

It's crazy that the contestant from this clip, the number one spot on the list, got "Things In a Barrel" from just the clue 'monkeys.' Do you know how many categories fit the clue 'monkeys!?' It could have been "Things Found at the Zoo," or "Things In a Cage," or "Jungle Animals." However, I guess the contestant is a big toy fan, because just from 'monkeys', she thought of the classic toy Barrel of Monkeys and said "Things In a Barrel." Pure amazement!

It's been forty or so years since Billy Crystal's Winner's Circle record was set, and as shown throughout this list, there have been a few instances where it was almost tied or even beat. However, it's probably safe to say that the 26 measly seconds it took Mr. Crystal to conquer game show's beloved geometric behemoth will stand forever.


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