New VR Sinespace is trending to be the Second Life of the future


If anyone is interested in the next big thing in virtual life, the trending Sinespace may be something to look into.

The new social VR app Sinespace, which hasn't set the bar high yet, may be looking into expanding the overall immersion VR has to offer for the app.

The company is based in the U.K. and hasn't even really impacted the U.S. yet, although it's a dark horse to be the next epic virtual reality simulation.

Sinespace co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Adam Frisby shared with UPLOAD that Sinespace as a “virtual world platform built for developers."

So far there are about 10,000 monthly active users across all usable devices including PC, Mac, Linux, browsers and mobile viewing capabilities. 10 percent use VR, of which Rift and Vive are the most common.

Interaction takes place in third person but the option to switch to first person comes with VR.

In addition, the company, launched in 2017, has already made money and users are also making money through it.

It's about $17 a month to live in Sinespace and the typical average in-world time is two hours.

Frisby and his team are pros at creating virtual world also, with 20 years of experience with frameworks and in addition, Frisby created within Second Life two businesses that each cashed in millions of dollars for him.

Frisby said, “We started out by aiming to offer what you can do in Second Life as our base feature set, then adding from there."

Content creation is mostly done by users, and developers can move their creations into other platforms such as  Unreal and Unity with no claiming of the right of what is created. There is a 70/30 split of Sinespace's revenue. Creators get 70%, 30% goes to Sinespace. in-world currency can be bought, gold and that plays into the user-to-user economy.

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With over 2,500 virtual goods you can buy, like clothing, vehicles, buildings and animations for characters. It's similar to how money works in Second Life. Top creators earn hundreds of dollars per month for sales. And the more users that join the bigger the figure will get.

There is also their partnership with LA-based Image Metrics for a facial animation program which uses a webcam to mirror the users face with facial movement and paste it on the user's Sinespace avatar (but it's only for non-VR users). Image Metrics in it's resume created the character effects for Brad Pitt and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and for top video games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto. In the future, there will be Archmatix VR creation support and other noteworthy interface enhancements.

Why is Sinespace be any more special than the other platform like it? The way it handles money, and how to make it.

The platform's economy is literally driven by the user to user interaction rather than the company making all the money and what's done digitally turns in to real-world cash quickly.

That was how Second Life, its older cousin got the wheels rolling. Not only that the visuals in Sinespace are way better than what has been put out contemporaneously to it.

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As of now, you need a high-end PC VR headset to join but the company is at work to get it going for the Go, Gear VR, Daydream, and other VR platforms, according to UPLOADVR.

So for those who use Second Life, there may come a tough choice as to when to hop on to Sinespace. The world is crazy appealing due to the fact it's an updated version of Second Life, and you can go VR. Also as there will be more integration of VR into society, like Pokemon Go became a hit for mobile AR. It seems like a brave new virtual world, well the newest one for now.

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