NBA is using AR to bring you courtside at the finals with an app update

NBA, Augmented Reality

Can't afford NBA tickets? Now you might not have to.

The NBA updated its AR app, adding in a new 360 Portal feature that brings you directly to the side of the court at the finals. It allows you to walk through a 'portal' wherever you are, and be instantly in front of the action, all through AR, or augmented reality.

The app was made available on Android recently but has been available in the Apple Store since October.

NBA, Augmented Reality
Credit: NBA/iTunes

As the NBA Finals are starting this week, now is a perfect time for NBA to release an update.

According to First Post, another mode in the app is called Pop-a-Shot and is meant for recreational shooting, where you can place a basketball hoop anywhere using AR.

This app could be considered in terms of where AR sports might go next, CNET muses. Currently, the app is only using pregame and warmup material but plans to incorporate in-game moments soon.

Get the NBA AR - Basketball Experience on iTunes or Google Play.

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