Meghan Markle becomes first Royal to be nominated for a Teen Choice Award

A surprise nomination has appeared for the 2018 Teen's Choice Awards this year!

Meghan Markle has been nominated for a Teens Choice Award, the first of any of the Royal family to do so.

The Teen's Choice Awards honors the best achievements in music, film, sport, television and fashion with the winners being voted in by voters aged 13 and up. Certainly a surprising Royal first of Royal firsts for Meghan Markle.

The Duchess has been nominated alongside names such as Blake Lively, Harry Styles, Chad Boseman, Migos and Zendaya.

Since she is the first of the Royal Family to be nominated, if she does win the award, there is no precedent as to whether she can attend the show to accept it - in person or via video.

The Duchess had become a fashion icon via social media her blog The Tig, which she was maintained as a Hollywood starlet.

As she has become even more famous, her trendy and fashionable choices became increasingly famous as well. Th  ‘The Meghan Effect’ has the same impact as when Duchess Kate wears an outfit - it flies off shelves worldwide.

After the Royal wedding, Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress had replicas made within a day. In addition, the various assortment of outfits she has been seen wearing in the company of Prince Harry have flown off the shelves.

Meghan Markle is also on the shortlist for an Emmy nomination for playing Rachel Zane in Suits on the USA Network.

Ironically, the last episode she appeared in for Suits was where she was married in a grand wedding ceremony to Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), her co-worker, a month before she married Prince Harry.

On Wednesday, a USA Network representative said that Markle is being considered for the shortlist of names in the category for Supporting Actress.

She will have competition as other big names have been submitted to the list. This includes Westworld's Thandie Newton, The Handmaid's Tale's Alexis Bledel, Stranger Thing's Millie Bobby Brown and Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams from A Game of Thrones.

The full nominations list for the category will be announced July 26, according to Express.

To cast your vote for Markle, or another great name off the nominations list, you can vote here on the Teens Choice Awards site, and the Awards will take place on Fox, Sunday, August 12 at 8 P.M.

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