Liza Koshy and David Dobrik announce their breakup in heartfelt vlog

Liza Koshy, David Dobrik

Well sad to say, two fantastic internet stars have announced they have broken up, although that doesn't mean they are not going to create some great vlogs in the future!

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik announced on June 4 that they broke up on YouTube in an honest heartfelt vlog on David Dobrik's Youtube channel. The thing is they were already broken up six months prior to the vlog being published, ending a relationship that lasted "two years." The video really shows how people react to a relationship that just didn't go the way both parties wanted it too.

The video, of course, opens with some light humor, as Dobrik exclaims, "She cheated on me, there were seven guys!" but of course that is just a joke!

So the pair are, "just friends... for now," still they had to take a break from the video (at 1: 05-minute mark), because Liza was crying, and they came back to the video two hours later, with Liza having a sad face covered in tears.

The reason for the break up was that they both have extremely busy lives, with not a lot of time for each other which creates distance. The break up was mutually felt, and both parties said they wanted it.

The honesty is refreshing and many viewers can learn from the bravery of publically displaying their emotional turmoil while keeping in good spirits. The video has over 20 million views and is at number 11 on trending.

They still both love to make videos together, since all of which they made prior were genuinely enjoyable to both of them, but they also have blooming careers. Liza Koshy at the moment is preparing to tackle the new Double Dare reboot on Nickelodeon soon.

David Dobrik meanwhile is hammering away at his very successful internet presence!

In addition, a source close to the former couple has told that, "Friends and family are glad Liza and David have maintained a friendship through the breakup but they are shocked and disappointed too. Both David and Liza are getting pressure from those close to them to give their relationship another chance. Everyone loves them as a couple and thought they might just get married and have kids too. Everyone had such high hopes for their love. Friends are urging them to get back together and give it another shot."

The source also added, “David is working on an epic, romantic video to win Liza back. He is thinking of a creative way to share with the fans how special Liza is and how much she means to him. David is convinced, with the right video, he can get the support of their fans and with their help, convince Liza to come back for good," according to

Of course, the response from fans and friends prompted them to share their gratitude!

It may be a positive sign for the relationship that they have posted the above tweets!

Whether they get back together or not is up to the pair, and it would be no surprise if they did since they both genuinely have strong feelings for each, as evinced by the video. Hopefully, whatever they plan to do, they will feel they have made the right choice!

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