'Legion' season 2 finale recap: 'Chapter 19'


Thanks for the weird, nightmarish memories Legion

And with that, we’ve wrapped up season two of Legion. While I still liked the first season overall more than I liked this second season, there’s no doubt in my mind that this finale surpasses the S1 finale in every way. There’s some great stuff in here.

We start off in the desert, with the climactic battle between David and Farouk that we’ve all been waiting for. Instead of a traditional hand-to-hand fistfight, the two approach each other while lip-syncing The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes.”

As the song continues, animated forms of themselves emerge and begin dueling — transforming in anything from giant rattlesnakes to submarines.

Maybe it feels a little music video-ish, but I still thought this whole sequence was really well done and a breathe of fresh air from all the other superhero climaxes we see in this day and age. Michael Bay can keep all his explosions to himself, when it comes to Legion I’m perfectly happy just seeing how weird the show is willing to get.

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During this moment, we also get a delightful visit from Melanie and Oliver in the future. They’ve been living in Oliver’s ice cube for the past three years, pleasantly keeping to themselves as the world has come to an end. That’s our first clue that things aren’t going to wrap-up well at the end of this episode.

Back to the battle, Lenny is watching the whole thing go down from afar through the scope of the weapon she stole from Division 3. She also notices the power dampener device we were introduced to in the previous episode, and decides now would be a good time to activate that.

After shooting it, David and Farouk’s powers instantly vanish. Suddenly they do find themselves facing each other in hand-to-hand combat, which David easily comes out on top of. Farouk may have the more powerful mind, but he’s still like a sixty-something-year-old guy.

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David is about to finish him off when Syd shows up. David, with no reason to think anything is wrong, is pleased to see her and even invites her to watch him kill Farouk right there in cold blood. That’s when he notices the gun in her hands.

Thanks to Melanie, Syd is now convinced David can’t be saved. She tells him about his inevitable future — that he’s the reason why the world is destroyed and Farouk is the only one who can stop him — and that she has no other choice. She points the gun and gets ready to shoot.

Lenny was watching all of this too. She just so happens to let off a shot at the same time, which collides with Syd’s bullet midair (don’t ask me how that’s possible because it’s not. This is still a comic show, I guess) and causes them both to go flying back unconscious.

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David finds himself in a dream, in which two other versions of himself are talking to him. They’re both, more or less, saying the same thing — Syd doesn’t trust him anymore, so he has no one left. It’s time to say goodbye to this world once and for all.

David manages to shake them off, still determined that he’s the hero of this whole thing, and wakes up. Syd is still unconscious, which gives David an idea. A terrible, sinister idea that will likely haunt him for the rest of his life.

Wanting to fix their broken relationship, he wipes Syd’s memory of everything that Melanie shows him. She soon wakes up, thinking that they’re still in love and victory is theirs. Lenny is once again captured by Division 3 and everyone returns to headquarters thinking the whole thing is over.

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It’s not. Farouk is going to be brought forward to trial tomorrow, where he’ll likely be killed, by David can’t help but gloat a little. He comes into his cell late at night, bragging about how he won. Farouk tries to tell David one last time that he really loved him these past thirty years and all he wanted was for David to love him back. David’s disgusted, saying he’ll never feel that way about someone who tried to manipulate.

“Remember that feeling,” Farouk tells him. “Because you will see it in her eyes when you look at you.”

Right before visiting Farouk, David stopped in Syd’s room. The two had, what he thought, was a sweet conversation that turned into sex. David didn’t think anything of it until now, but he knows what he’s done.

After David leaves, a mouse visits Farouk — a mouse that he picks up, whispers something into the ear of and sends on its way. That mouse then visits Syd’s room and whispers something into her ear. Now she knows too.

The next day, which is Farouk’s trial, David enters the room feeling somewhat guilty but thinking that his arch-enemy is finally going to be put down. He’s wrong. The whole trial was a set-up to get him, as everyone at Division Three now knows the truth — David is the one they need to fear.

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David is trapped in a bubble-like contraption made by Cary and told that he either needs to accept help in the form of medicine/therapy or they’re going to kill him. David is in disarray. He can’t believe that they — especially Syd — would even think about sending him back to a psychiatric ward.

Syd’s response?

“You drugged me and had sex with me.”

He snaps. If everyone is going to turn his back on him — the hero — then what’s the point anymore. Why not just be a villain instead? It doesn’t take him long to break out of Cary’s contraption, free Lenny and apparate out of Division Three.

The rest of the crew knows they’re in trouble. “All there’s left to do now is pray,” Clark says as we fade to black.

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So, it looks like David — the one who the show is primarily about — and Lenny are going to be the villains in season three of Legion. I knew that the show was hinting at him turning evil this whole time, but I didn’t think that he was *actually* going to go all out like he does here. Now, he’s an unstoppable force who’s out for revenge. This can’t be good.

Sadly, we don’t yet know when FX's Legion is going to return, but rest assured that we here at The Celebrity Café will be back whenever they are to give you more recaps. In the meantime, check out some of our other Legion related content by clicking here.

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