LAPD called to Logan Paul's mansion after break-in by two "stalkers"

Logan Paul

Logans Paul's mansion has been broken into!

Tuesday night, June 26, the Los Angeles Police Department was deployed, with helicopter backup, to Logan Paul's mansion, arriving at 10 p.m, when "stalkers" broke in and vandalized his car.

The security at Logan Paul's home caught two of the trespassers, one of whom has been arrested and an underage female was sent back to her parents, according to The Blast.

At the scene, photo shots were taken of a black SUV outside with the words, "Paul" and "Vlog on YouTube" plastered on in white spray paint, according to Daily Mail.

The mansion was bought last year for $6.55 million, and its address eventually was released on the web.

Logan Paul is an internet phenomenon and is no stranger to controversy with about 17 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. After all, he did post a video of a dead body in the infamous Japanese suicide forest at the end of December in 2017. He also got kicked out of Yosemite National Park and has posted numerous, in-your-face-type vlogs.

As of now, he's hyping the beef with fellow English YouTuber KSI for their boxing match, as they show off and shout smack talk, a feud which has gone on for months. The match is set to take place in the U.K. in Manchester on August 25.


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