Kim Kardashian West helps speed Alice Marie Johnson's release from prison

Kim Kardashian

Alice Marie Johnson, 63, convicted on drug charges in 1996, was released from an Alabama prison on Wednesday, June 6, after Kim Kardashian West spoke with President Donald Trump about prison reform.

Johnson was convicted for involvement in a cocaine drug ring that ran from 1991 to 1994 and received a life sentence for a nonviolent cocaine conspiracy offense and money laundering.

After 21 years in jail, Johnson's sentence was commuted Wednesday by President Trump.

Kardashian met with the president last week to discuss prison reform and sentencing. Kardashian West became interested in Johnson's case after seeing a Mic interview, according to CBS News. Kardashian West was the first to break the news of the pardon to Johnson.

Johnson reunited with several family members, as seen in videos taken and posted to Twitter by CBS affiliate WCBI-TV's Quentin Smith. Johnson expressed appreciation to Kardashian West and President Trump. She was also given a bouquet of flowers.

President Trump has so far pardoned five people and is reportedly considering other clemency cases, according to The Hill.


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