'Jump Force' releasing for 'Weekly Shonen Jump's' 50th Anniversary

Jump Force, releasing, Weekly Shonen Jump's, Anniversary

Jump Force was the latest gaming mashup bombshell released at the third annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

And with Jump Force gamers were introduced to the anime a jamboree fighting mashup game, incorporating three of Japan’s most popular titles.

Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece all stem from the popular Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. And the video game has been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The magazine's most iconic figures such as Goku, Luffy and Naruto will come face-to-face in this clash of anime titans in the same world.

But this game also has some unique wrinkles in it as the game producer Nakajima san describes in an interview with Bandai Namco.

He describes how this isn’t your typical action fighting game so expect a well-constructed storytelling.

“As you saw in the trailer, Light and Ryuk from Death Note made a brief appearance at the end. So you can be assured that there is going to be a pretty comprehensive story as well,” Nakajima said.

As for the gameplay, players can expect to really feel as though they’re controlling their favorite anime characters with each one having unique abilities beyond the ones most fans know.

There’s also a mystery character that Nakajima san believes fans are really going to enjoy.
Nakajima ended by stating that he believes that the game is, “unlike any other character fighting game that you have played before.”

The game is set to release sometime next year with details to follow.

Are you excited about the 2019 release of Jump Force? Comment below.

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