James Gunn tweets photo of 'Guardians Vol. 3' script

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And we have some theories.

James Gunn, writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, tweeted a photo of the script for GOTG Vol. 3.

This isn’t much to go on, especially since Marvel is keeping everything after Infinity War’s conclusion but the Spider-Man sequel under pretty tight guard. It does, though, all but confirm that some sort of reversal of Infinity War’s events is in the works for the next Avengers movie, considering how we saw most of the Guardians get wiped out by Thanos’ snap.

Gunn captioned the photo with the phrase “Every bit of my heart,” which may be a reference to the song “Every Little Bit of My Heart” by Head East, in their 1977 album Gettin’ Lucky. The song is a post-breakup lament, which may signal rocky waters ahead for Star-Lord and Gamora, who had begun a relationship by the start of Infinity War. The plots of the Guardians movies are heavily telegraphed by its soundtrack, especially in Vol. 2, when Ego makes plain comparisons of his life to the song "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass.

This is just a guess, though: the first two Guardians movies were lauded for their incorporation of the '60s and '70s music, but the end of Vol. 2 signaled a jump to '90s and '00s music after Star-Lord receives a Zune. And trust me, there are plenty of songs that contain the phrase “every bit of my heart” in them. The ’77 classic just seemed like the likeliest candidate.

In the comments of the tweet is an amusing exchange between Gunn and comedian Billy Eichner, who, along with Guardians star Chris Pratt, is an alum of the Amy Poehler comedy Parks and Recreation.

Overall, things are looking great for Guardians, Vol. 3.

What other songs have the phrase "every bit of my heart?" Share your theories in the comments below!


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