Hot reasons to watch these new 2018 TV shows - and we don't mean the scripts!

Here's a good question: why do we watch television? Compelling storylines? Crazy plot twists? Yes, but another reason we all watch TV is for the eye-candy.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few early crushes started with TV actors and actresses. I know mine did. Characters who you saw every week, maybe recorded in anticipation of watching and then re-watching? Definitely happened.

9-1-1, Angela Bassett
CR: Mathieu Young / FOX. © 2017 FOX Broadcasting.

You could put yourself in a characters' shoes, imagining that it was you being kissed by that hot, young musician/doctor/whatever your fantasy entailed... As TV has evolved and gotten better (and worse), reasons to watch have also gotten better and worse.

Sometimes good shows get canceled and strange ones get renewed. Sometimes it's the opposite. Before we start worrying about ratings and cancellations for new 2018 shows, let's check out the eye-candy-worthy reasons to start watching them in the first place.

Credit; Netflix

Hopefully, by the end of this list, you'll have added something to binge-watch over the summer and to add to your weekly roster!

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