Daniel Tosh, secretly married for two years to Carly Hallam, until now

Daniel Tosh

It seems someone really famous has kept it low key!

Daniel Tosh, host of the infamous Tosh. 0 is married to Carly Hallam, and they had been so for TWO YEARS.

Until now not much speculation has been made on Daniel Tosh's relationship status, and many (including us) assumed he was single or casually dating. At least that is what you would think from watching a couple episodes of Tosh. 0 or even from his recent stand up special People Pleaser.

On April 15, 2016, Daniel Tosh married Carly Hallam in a very low key, private ceremony in Malibu.

As to who Carly Hallam is, she is a writer for Tosh. 0 and also for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The couple, before the marriage, had been also as secretive through their dating and engaged, which all began in 2010! Eight years total!

But honestly, they have been rarely documented being seen together.

Carly Hallam is the brunette on the right.

Tosh had previously done stand up for Comedy Central Presents in 2003 and he followed up with the hit Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious. This led to the internet comedy commentary show, Tosh. 0, in 2009 which explores the world of the internet and online personalities, and just makes fun of everything, which is great!

It was a smash hit with its dark comedy and just overall shock effect from not only him but what he has presented.

So, honestly, overlooking his married life is not so surprising when we really think about.

As to his humor, Tosh has been quoted saying, 'I'm not a misogynistic and racist person...But I do find those jokes funny, so I say them.'

Obviously, he is not that misogynistic since he has been happily married, and also quietly with no flare-ups in the media, which is what gives the statement credibility.

Before he met his wife Carly Hallam he had dated Megan Abrigo who is a model, according to the Daily Mail.

Although the out of the public eye approach he has taken to his love life certainly has worked for him, and his way of keeping low key might be an example to follow for other extremely famous persons. Afterall, there has not been any notable events about his marriage other than he is married.

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