'Creed 2' trailer and poster released

Creed 2, Trailer, released

Creed 2 has been taped up to spar on the big screen November 21.

The Creed franchise came in the form of the new aged hip-hop version of Rocky with Michael B. Jordan as the lead, rocking Jordan tracksuits, heralded as the ultimate comeback story—with a soundtrack headlined by Future and Meek Mill. 

And now Creed 2’s first trailer for the November release of the sequel has been unveiled with the same electric vibes both musically and visually, but the conflict between family, validation and a desire to “rewrite history” thickens as Adonis faces the challenge of a lifetime. 

The trailer begins with Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) laid out motionless with a black eye on the boxing mat—followed by the voice of his girlfriend Bianca’s (Tessa Thompson) voice as the scene shifts to a hospital bed.

The conflict seems to be centered on Adonis’s mortality in the ring as Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) attempts to stop a repeat of tragedy when Apollo Creed died in the ring to Captain Ivan Drago in Rocky IV—and it looks like Adonis will face the relative (Viktor Drago) of that man who beat his father to death between the boxing lines. 

This trailer paints a picture of living up to expectations masked in the raw physical cinematic boxing, emotion and a Kendrick Lamar musical buildup as a shot of Bianca shows her questioning Adonis about his need for validation. 

The trailer reaches the end of the teaser with him walking up to the ring as the shot transitions to a medium tight shot of his opponent's shorts which read “Drago” on them. 

The film is set to release November 21 of this year. 

Are you excited to see Creed 2? Comment below. 

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