BTS single 'Fake Love' rockets over 30 spots on the Mexico iTunes Chart

And it's because of soccer.

BTS has been such hit south of the border that their music sales in Mexico are on overload. But there may be a secondary reason for the upsurge in popularity.

It seems an unlikely alliance was forged on the world stage of soccer between South Korea and Mexico when Korea beat Germany leaving Mexico to move forward to the knockout stages.

What better way to say thanks than with some K-Pop air-play? BTS' single Fake Love has now rocketed up 31 spots on Mexico's iTunes Chart. It went from 87 to 56. Fake Love is from the album Love Yourself: Tear.

It probably helps that BTS also has a hand in the World Cup as Coca-Cola representatives.

There is so much excitement, Twitter has had numerous petitions for BTS go on tour in Mexico, according to REMEZCLA.

It's simply amazing what a little World Cup excitement can do!

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